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Government Of Assam Power Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Ltd

Tariff Order

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    TARIFF ORDER 2004-051.04 MBswf-image
    TARIFF ORDER FOR AEGCL 2005-2006138.11 KBswf-image
    TARIFF ORDER FOR AEGCL 2006-2007277.53 KBswf-image
    TARIFF ORDER FOR AEGCL FOR FY2007-08253.08 KBswf-image
    Tariff_Order_AEGCL_10-13713.72 KBswf-image
    TRUE-UP FOR FY 2014-15 & FY 2015-16 AND ARR FOR FY 2016-17 to FY 2018-19 AND TARIFF FOR FY 2017-181.27 MBswf-image
    TARIFF ORDER True-Up for FY 2018-19, APR for FY 2019-20 and Revised ARR and Tariff for FY 2020-21 for AEGCL and APR for FY 2019-1.39 MBswf-image
    Transmission Access Charges approved by AERC for the FY 2021-2291.53 KBswf-image