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Government Of Assam Power Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Ltd

Profile of AEGCL

Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited, is a vibrant growth oriented Public Sector Company registered under ‘Company Act, 1956’. It was formed out of restructured Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB) in 2003 and was notified as the State Transmission Utility (STU).

Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited inherited 3862 circuit kms. of EHV transmission lines above 33 kV voltage class and 38 numbers of EHV sub-stations having a total transformation capacity of 1636.50 MVA at its birth in 2003.
Since its inception, it has added 1490.48 circuit kms of EHV lines and has added 3444.50 MVA transformation capacity by way of commissioning 20 new EHV sub-stations and augmenting existing sub-stations. It has also added Reactive Power Compensation at 33 kV bus to the tune of 195 MVAR. Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited had also added one 400/220/132 kV Grid Substation and One 220/33 kV GIS Sub Station during the preceding years.

Being the largest STU (State Transmission Utility) among the NER States, AEGCL has been playing a key role for its stake holder. Presently, AEGCL grid can handle 1620 MW of power and it has 5910 MVA of transformation capacity. AEGCL currently owns 4891 ckt. Km. of Transmission line.

Present Transmission availability of AEGCL is more than 98.5%.